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Have you ever wanted to speak a new language, play an instrument or learn a new skill? It can be difficult. The people that excel at these skills have been doing them for years. It takes tedious amounts of time and daily practice to even start to lay a solid foundation to build upon.

So why would we expect nutrition and exercise to be different? For nutrition maybe it’s because we do it everyday so we don’t view it as a skill. Yet, when we were infants learning to eat over 90% of the food wasn’t ending up in our mouths! (Now on a good day hopefully 90% is.) We also learned how to crawl and walk! Exercise is similar in this way, we have to reconnect to our bodies and learn new motor patterns we may be unfamiliar with. I haven’t met a person yet that decided eating and walking was too hard and gave up. And since you’re reading this then you learned that skill as well. We were all born with the resilience to keep learning and progressing. Children are born with innate curiosity and similarly, we must return to viewing what we “know” through the eyes of a child.

Knowing is one thing but actually doing what you know is another.” So take a look at what you know (or think you know) and then look at what you actually do.

The Good news about Nutritional Mastery is that unless you’re an elite athlete, it is pretty straightforward.

Nutritional Mastery is about:

  • Eating the right things
  • At the right times
  • In the right amount
  • Internally focused vs. externally focused (hunger cues etc.)
  • Progress, not perfection
  • Consistency over intensity
  • No failure, just information
  • Meal templates and ideas vs. meal plans
  • Breaking the cycle of guilt and shame attached to food
  • A lifestyle vs. dieting
  • Having a healthy relationship with food, exercise and your body

We achieve this and more through Habit-Based Coaching and taking a long view approach. Do you want quick results in a short period of time that are unsustainable? Or do you want slow steady progress that lays a foundation for life? I’ve seen people swing from eating The Western Diet (Mcdonald’s, etc.) to eating chicken breast, rice and broccoli out of Tupperware as if they were a competitive bodybuilder. And after that “failed” they swung back to what the knew.

There is a middle ground. There is a place of flexibility and sustainability. This is what NUTRITIONAL MASTERY is all about.

MASTERY is defined as a “comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment.” It’s time to take the knowledge, learn some new skills, practice them daily, and live a healthy sustainable lifestyle for life.

GOOD NUTRITION can not only change your body, mood, mind and more. It can change your life.

We believe in the power of personal client-centered coaching.
We work one-on-one to find your limiting factors and overcome them together so you can transform your body, optimize your health and master lifelong nutrition habits.

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A Limiting Factor is an obstacle that stands in between you and your goals.

Have you ever tried to change something in your life?
Some changes can be more difficult than others while some are easier.
Change is best viewed on that continuum.
How can we make change easier? Start small.
If you start small and build on your victories you can create momentum.

Here’s a quick look at the statistics:
Change 1 Habit at a time = 80% success rate
2 Habits at the same time = less than 35%
3 Habits = less than 5% chance of success

So that’s why trying to change EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE on New Year’s Day hardly ever works! This is why I believe in habit-based change.

Another thing that can make change hard, or make us feel uneasy is that we don’t know what’s ahead or what obstacles to anticipate. This is where a coach can help to navigate the path ahead and make sure that we are focusing on the daily behaviors we can control that will lead to the desired outcomes.

Here’s are some of the Limiting Factors we all face.

1. Awareness– being aware that you WANT to change and paying attention to your current behaviors can go a long way.

2. Mindset– change can be scary, feel the fear and do it anyway. Find ways to reframe your situation. Positivity can go a long way.

3. Nutrition– is by far the biggest limiting factor in body transformation.

4. Physical Activity– it’s a good idea to do something physical everyday!
Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.

5. Physiology- some things can only be discovered through proper blood work, like glucose tolerance, prediabetes tests, nutrient deficiencies, sex hormone status, thyroid function and more. (Contact us for a free baseline blood work assessment to take to your doctor.)

6. Genetics- I hope you chose your parents well. 🙂

Read this article Limiting Factors: What’s Holding You Back? for an in depth look.  

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