Genesis of Iron

A broken down life weighed heavy on the shoulders of this boy, now a man. The pain dragged him down along with the negative voices inside. Living in addiction and believing the lies, it was a weight he was tired of carrying. The burden was too great to carry on this way.

He spent so much of his life being torn and tearing himself down. It was a vicious cycle of learned behavior. Coming out of addiction and heartache seemed hopeless. He wanted to die. Maybe he just wanted this life to end, but the chance at a new life seemed a bleak impossibility.

He found himself in Teen Challenge, a men’s recovery home to help the hurting and addicted. He struggled with anger, blame and self-hate.

Through the routine he found discipline.
He found courage to face the new day.
He found strength to sift through the ashes of a broken past.
He found healing from the pain and forgiveness for the circumstances.

Ultimately God found him and his prayers of death were answered. Not in the way he imagined: ending in despair, but rather in rebirth.

He had left the desert a dead man and in that new year he found his own path.

The days were long and the routines were set. Among the destitute convicts and former addicts he found family. The strangers came to be known as brothers and wherever they came from didn’t matter, only where they were going. On the road of recovery they discovered hope.

Among the spiritual disciplines he also discovered physicality. There was an old beat up rusted “weight pile” and daily the men would go and practice their prison yard routines. The tribe pushed each other, letting out pent up anger and pouring their hearts out to the Iron. It was cold and careless but always honest.


The first lesson he learned from a man that was probated there was, “Mind over matter. The weights don’t mind, and you don’t matter.”

He had spent so much of his life in self-destruction mode. He decided he needed to start building himself up.

He had scars on the outside and scars on the inside. The Iron was something that could crush him, break him down, and yet build him up at the same time.






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