MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE: S.A.D. (+) Sedentarism is Sickness

The (S.A.D) Standard American Diet combined with inactive sedentary living is causing an increase in lifestyle-related disease. This sickness is at an all-time high and continues to climb at an alarming rate. [i] The projected metabolic future is bleak. [ii] We truly are in unprecedented times. Unless we do something to radically change there will … Continue reading MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE: S.A.D. (+) Sedentarism is Sickness

A Father’s Heart: A Journey From Loss To Health

The phone call came crashing in a dark desert night. I’ll always remember the feeling. My Mom got the news that my Dad was having a heart surgery. Separated by state lines and divorce, all I could do was hope my Dad would be okay. I can’t remember if I talked to him or my … Continue reading A Father’s Heart: A Journey From Loss To Health

The Life I Couldn’t Save

Amidst the sea of a stormy life many waves of pain came crashing along. This particular wave carried a crushing thunder that can still be felt to this very day. Her name was Robin. She was the youngest of four siblings. She lived life on her own terms and dealt with many difficulties throughout her … Continue reading The Life I Couldn’t Save

Genesis of Iron

A broken down life weighed heavy on the shoulders of this boy, now a man. The pain dragged him down along with the negative voices inside. Living in addiction and believing the lies, it was a weight he was tired of carrying. The burden was too great to carry on this way. He spent so much … Continue reading Genesis of Iron

Genesis of Metal

A family torn apart. A boy's heart that could never be whole as it was always in two places. He often wondered if things could ever be different, but alas that was just dreaming. He would fly alone as a child to visit one or the other parent. Only an hour flight from the dessert … Continue reading Genesis of Metal

Genesis of Inner Voices

"You're worthless." "You're nothing." "You'll never amount to anything." "This, is all your fault." Sentenced. The screams of a drunken man cutting down the soul of a seven year old. A life of addiction and avoidance of overcoming pain had led this alcoholic man to abuse a child. Filled with regrets and self-loathing, alcohol is … Continue reading Genesis of Inner Voices