If you ask a hundred different people on the street what good nutrition is you would likely get 100 different answers!

“Eating Gluten free.” (What’s gluten again?)
“Eating fewer desserts. Mmm desserts.”
“Eating low carb.”
“Eating low fat.”
“Food X is great for you but food Y is bad.”

What would your answer be? Have you ever considered your nutrition philosophy or lack thereof? How do you live? How do you eat? Do the foods you eat reflect the lifestyle you want to have?

Eating food is something the fortunate get to do daily and yet it is one of the least thought about activities we partake in. Maybe we don’t see the risks, maybe we don’t know the benefits or maybe food is a reward that we aren’t willing to give up. If you look at the statistics for where we are headed nutritionally and health-wise as a country in 2050 the future isn’t getting better. In fact, it’s getting worse; as obesity rates climb, childhood type II diabetes increases and the number of lifestyle-related diseases rise[i]. Great news for Big Pharma, fast food and advertising companies. Unfortunately it isn’t for us, the people we love and the world we want to impact.

Yet, we’ve never lived in a time with more choice. Eating healthy today is easier than it’s ever been in human history. You have the power to choose what goes into your body and how much you consume —a choice that affects not only you but those around you.

Is it apathy or ignorance that keeps us from saving ourselves and others? There is great gain and great loss that can come out of our seemingly small daily decisions. Being overweight and living a sedentary life can cost you decades off your life as well as greatly diminish the quality of life in your later years[ii].

So what is good nutrition again?

Maybe the first question even before that one is: “Why should I care?”
If you know something is good for you but you don’t care, then how good is what you know?

Frozen knowledge is empty. Only action saves.

So… Why care about nutrition?

Because everything you eat and drink affects your body on a cellular and cognitive level.

Everything we eat and drink affects your bodies on a cellular and cognitive level.


It affects the planet we live on, our resources, animals, farmers, soil, environment, mental well-being, mood, metabolism, energy levels, hormonal state, each other and our loved ones (even more if you die early due to lifestyle-related diseases that may have been prevented), our future generations, and so much more.

If I can help coach one person to live a life of healthy nutrition they’ll most likely be happier, live longer, have more energy, be a better lover, friend, employee, and make the greatest impact possible in their life.

Does that sound too extreme?

Consider this- Write out your priority list. (I’ll wait.)

Of the people I know the list would likely look something like this:

  1. God
  2. Husband/Wife
  3. Family
  4. Ministry/Career/Calling
  5. Friends
  6. Hobbies
  7. Health… if it even makes it into the list.

We like to compartmentalize (men in particular). This box and that box. Yet as beings we are immensely connected and deeply intertwined. Physicality, mentality, spirit and emotion make up the pillars of our being. And if we don’t have physicality and health we don’t have any of those other things, at least not in this life.

In hoping to replace apathy with action and/or ignorance with information I will now give you the nuts and bolts of good nutrition, and with enough practice you will be living a healthy nutritious lifestyle.

(Part Two! Good Nutrition: What is it?)

If you want to take your body back and get control of your health Nutritional Mastery Coaching can help you:
  • Learn to eat better, without dieting or feeling deprived.
  • Get active and moving no matter what shape you’re in.
  • Produce lifelong change inside and out for a brighter healthier future.

You can choose health and I can help navigate and coach you on your unique journey.

Schedule your complementary SUCCESS SESSION consultation to learn more about Nutritional Mastery Coaching.


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[i] American Diabetes Association: Type 2 Diabetes in Children. Pediatrics. 2000;105(3):671–680.

[ii] Fontaine, Kevin R. et al., “Years of Life Lost Due to Obesity,” JAMA. 2003;289(2):187-193. doi:10.1001/jama.289.2.187

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