Finding Meaning For Your Health And Fitness Journey

2012 was a really hard year for me. Though I had been lifting weights since 2006 I let the daily discipline of physicality get away from me because my spirit was crushed. I let myself go. My outward appearance reflected some of the inner turmoil I was dealing with. Paralyzed inside, it was hard to … Continue reading Finding Meaning For Your Health And Fitness Journey


Neo: “I know Kung Fu.” Morpheus: “Show me.” Imagine you walk into the gym for the first time and get plugged into a crazy machine that uploads everything there is to know about exercise science and training, you apply it and transform your body, health and life! Picture perfect form paired with intense effort and … Continue reading THE PUZZLE PIECES OF PROPER EXERCISE PROGRAMMING

LIMITING FACTORS: What’s Holding You Back?

LIMITING FACTORS A limiting factor is any obstacle that stands in between you and your goals. Have you ever seen a dog fiercely run after a squirrel but is quickly pulled back and choked? It doesn't know what's holding it back as it relentlessly persists on trying the chase. So what's holding it back? It's … Continue reading LIMITING FACTORS: What’s Holding You Back?


Triage- the process of determining the priority of patients' treatments based on the severity of their condition. Wounded. I found myself in an ER with a bandaged head. The urgent care sent me away. They feared I might have sustained a concussion. My lacerated head required 13 stitches/staples but thank God I didn't have a … Continue reading GOOD NUTRITION: Triage


Back to the first question I asked in, “Good Nutrition: Why it Matters?” “What is good nutrition?” What was your definition? Is it complete, feel like it is lacking or maybe completely misguided. With so much information, misinformation, fad diets and human variability it’s easy to get lost. We’ve all been exposed to outrageous, oversimplify, … Continue reading GOOD NUTRITION: What is it?